Bridging the Gap between Idea and Implementation
Basal Solutions believe strongly in helping companies build solid foundations that deliver results. We named the company after the Basal ganglia, the part of the human brain associated with temporal sequencing of movements (processes), procedural learning (knowledge) and cognition (understanding). We approach our consulting practice with the same characteristics.

At Basal, we help clients plan for the future with sound processes based on best practices whether it is for planning to grow your business or launching a product. We provide over 20 years of experience in developing sound business, engineering processes and IT management. Our knowledge helps clients review their processes or provide quality consulting to ensure your processes provide you with the right insights and information. We take the time to understand your business, your culture, your goals and how you want to get there. Through listening and understanding, we deliver a solution that accomplish your goals and helps you improve your processes.

We treat our customers with the same respect as we expect. We will seamlessly integrate with your product or development teams and provide high value consulting services to fulfill your requirements without compromising cost or quality of work.




Some of the benefits of exploring Basal Solutions as a partner in success:

  • Small and nimble organization that adapts easily to the rapidly changing work/customer environment. We anticipate our clients’ needs based on exterior environmental factors and suggest/implement remedial solutions to mitigate impending risks.
  • We pride ourselves on building a rapport with our customers, therefore, we embrace the knowledge that our success is inextricably linked to that of our clients.
  • Apply proven principles in systems and test engineering to give low cost solutions without compromising quality. We understand that the quality of your product/process is the driver for customer demand, so it is imperative that the solutions we offer is in line with quality demands without putting a significant dent in the bottom line.
  • Provide a fully defined analysis based on studies of your processes and practices with suggestions on optimizations tailored to maximize success.Offer qualified, professional resources to bridge the gap between current practices and targeted objectives
  • Process improvement support across the entire product/process life-cycle.