Aveion Hall, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, has 18 years of experience in product development and engineering for Fortune 500 companies. He has a deep passion for delivering creative engineering solutions that are smart, focused and cost effective. He loves sharing his knowledge in project management, model development and optimization, test design and implementation, and software verification to help clients improve their processes. He has developed a unique, integrated approach that works with a company’s culture to engage staff in developing solutions that work.

Aveion has led project teams for the Hardware in the Loop (HIL) engineering division leading to some of the most innovative creations currently on the market. Aveion has 18 years of engineering experience including stints at General Motors as a software requirements engineer responsible for software strategy, requirements documentation and unit level verification design. He has spent the last 15 years as a Lead engineer, model development engineer and test development engineer at Chrysler responsible for the development, testing and integration of 0-D/1-D dynamic plant models for Powertrain components and actuators in a fixed step, discrete and real-time simulation environment; Powertrain software test design and implementation (virtual and in-vehicle). Aveion has also been the lead engineer on several projects including software reaction testing for electronic throttle control, Hybrid system software integration testing, E-shifter software validation. He is highly experienced in dSpace hardware and software solutions. Aveion holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Wayne State University.